A story 50 years long

Immersed in the heart of Tuscany with a history dating back 50 years, the Orfatti company is a leader in the Italian clothing sector where experience, expertise, flexibility, styling research and work optimization, combined with  sophisticated technical systems and a strong crafting tradition, enables the creation of high quality products.

Down jackets, coats and technical parkas in leather and fabric

Orfatti proposes down jackets, coats and technical parkas in leather and fabric to enhance and highlight the wearer, with a special attention to innovative details, wearability and quality being the main strong points of the collection.

Planning and client focus

Planning and client focus are at the core business of the company: the first, a decisive function for the corporate image, a fundamental tool to give the product an added value of creativity; the second, an essential task for a modern and dynamic company in continual evolution. The 3rd generation at Orfatti stays faithful, with great tenacity, to its informal style and avant-garde concept.