50 years of history

Nestled in the heart of Tuscany with a 5 decade history background, Orfatti is a leader company in the Italian clothing industry, where experience, professionalism, flexibility, style research and work optimization along with high technology system and a strong artisan tradition, allow the making of a high quality product.

Down jacket, coats, leather or fabric technical jackets

These are the Orfatti's  proposals to exalt and enhance who is wearing it, with a specific attention to innovation, fit and quality details, which are the collections' strenghts and true core.

Design and customers' central role

They are the Company's core business: the first one , as a crucial role for Company's image, is a fundamental tool to imprint to the product the creativity value; the second one as an essential mission for a modern, dynamic and always progressing Company. In his third generation Orfatti is still loyal to his informal and innovative style.